Send Me More Information About NATSO's Domestic Study Tours

Send Me More Information About NATSO's Domestic Study Tours

NATSO's Domestic Study Tours provide NATSO members with an opportunity to tour premiere retail locations and network with other innovative truckstop operators.

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Each study tour starts with best practice and key performance indicator sharing. The truckstop operators that share their expertise with attendees give very detailed accounts of what makes their companies so successful. They take questions from the audience and share the answers in an intimate setting. 


Truckstop operators in attendance stand up and share their own experiences. They lean over and tell their neighbor how they can use a great idea shared back home. And they take notes in the detailed notebooks provided. 


Study Tours include a tour of the locations, looking at every nook and cranny. Attendees see all the things they heard about and ask questions. They walk out to the lots and see the pumps and the shop. They learn what vendors to use and what questions to ask when installing new equipment. 


Contact Amy Toner at or (703) 739-8570 for additional information.