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Orion Food Systems is the international food service provider of leading brands such as Hot Stuff and Lettieri's. Orion franchises and licenses Hot Stuff Foods concepts in more than 1,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Orion Foods Systems also offers Lettieri's Food To Go through distributors across the United States.

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Build Your Own Pizza: The Time is Now
A challenge facing all of us is time. We’re always looking for the newest idea or the hottest phone app to download to make our lives just a little easier. 

If you’ve followed industry publications over the last year, you’ve probably been inundated with the latest trend to emerge in the pizza category:  ‘Build Your Own’ pizza served FAST.  Over the past year, build your own pizza concepts have popped up all over the country and are growing at a rapid pace.  Taking cues from Subway and Chipotle’s models ‘made fresh’ success, these new brands all have similar business formulas.  Fresh ingredients, modern branding, innovative pizza recipes, 9-10” individual artisan-style pizza, and, most importantly, all are served up from order to delivery within six minutes. By way of new oven technology, you can build your own pizza, have it baked right in front of you, and walk out the door – all in record time. 

Orion Food Systems, a leader in pizza foodservice, has been studying this emerging concept for over a year and has streamlined the process even further.  Using a small footprint, they have launched their own brand ‘PAAVO’S PIZZA’ that is specifically tailored for Travel Centers.  Though the space needed to run this new concept is small, the impact is big thanks to the modern design and the latest in kitchen efficiencies. 

Having conducted several focus groups and studies over the past several months, Orion has found success in several areas.  More than anything, participants in the studies loved the menu. PAAVO’S PIZZA, named after a man who came to the U.S. over 100 years ago, highlights bold, engaging branding and a menu featuring high quality and fresh ingredients. The brand includes something for everyone and the gravitation to the niche ‘local feeling’ branding really comes to life.

Though the menu is unlimited, one interesting learning is that consumers are still inclined to order a house specialty item versus creating their own.  Simpler?  Maybe.  Or maybe they’ve found something that made their life just a little bit easier. 

If you’d like to learn more about PAAVO’S PIZZA, please reach out to Sarah Odde, sarah.odde@hsfl.com605-444-7410 at Orion Food Systems.

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