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Darrin Flitton is the Fleet and Truckstop Manager for the Sinclair Gold Truckstop Network. He has spent 23 years in business related positions. Prior to working for Sinclair Gold Truckstops, he served in several positions at Flying J, Inc. including Corporate Buyer and Category Manager, District Merchandise Manager and Travel Plaza Manager. He has also been employed at Barjan, LLC as an account representative. Flitton has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Utah State University. He is currently serving on the Buying Committee for AMBEST. He also served on the Board for Granger Crossing District, a volunteer position within a non-profit organization to improve the business district of an inner city suburb of Salt Lake City.

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  • You Can Make the Right Choice

    One good choice we all can make is the choice to rally together.

  • What's In It For Me?

    NATSO's Chairman explains NATSO's two goals.

  • Let Freedom Ring!

    Rest area commercialization, tolling and excessive credit card fees are just some examples of obstacles that we as truckstop operators must overcome every day.

  • Your Best Interest

    Remember, it’s your business, it’s your truckstop, and it’s something you love.

  • See What Spring 2012 Can Do For You

    I urge you to consider making spring 2012 one you won’t forget. Get involved in the NATSO Day on Capitol Hill. Go see your elected officials at their office. You will be impressed with what you can do.

  • Your 2012 Goal: Get Involved

    It is a pleasure to write my first letter as Chairman of NATSO. It is an honor to be serving with you

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