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  • Iced Coffee Trending

    Flavored iced coffee is rated most appealing and consumed most often, far ahead of regular iced coffee, 66% as compared to 28%.

  • Why Is Iced Coffee Consumed?

    While iced tea is most often ordered with a meal, iced coffee serves most frequently as a stand-alone beverage. Overall, iced coffee is purchased 59% of the time without food and at snacking occasion even more often at 83%(1).

  • Where Is Iced Coffee Consumed?

    Regionally, the Western U.S. states lead the way in iced coffee consumption, followed closely by the Northeast. The South falls next with the Midwest having the lowest ranking(1).

  • Who Drinks Iced Coffee?

    Each day iced coffee is consumed by roughly 30 million adult Americans and this once-novelty coffee beverage has seen modest growth in the past two years, now appearing on the menu in 74% of quick serve restaurants and 60% of casual dining facilities.

  • Iced Tea Trending

    While 2013 showed a decline in both canned soft drink and juice sales, iced tea showed the largest growth by number of servings.

  • When Is Iced Tea Consumed?

    Not surprisingly, iced tea is ordered most often with a meal at lunch and supper across all foodservice segments (1).

  • Where Is Iced Tea Consumed?

    Regionally, the South leads the way in consumption of iced tea having more than 50% of the servings share with the West and Central regions coming in second and third at 18% and 16% respectively, and the Northeast at only 12%.

  • Who Drinks Iced Tea

    Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. On any given day, over one half of the American population drinks tea with roughly 69 million adult Americans consuming iced tea every day.

  • Generate Buzz with Limited Time Offerings (LTOs)

    Limited time offerings (LTOs) are a different kind of “fresh” that are equally important in coffee.

  • Cultivate Loyalty

    Loyalty program benefits have a high derived importance for consumers (Boston Consulting Group 2013 survey).

  • Excellence in Execution

    Nearly 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the US each day, with coffee incidences growing at both lunch and PM snack dayparts.

  • Coffee Bar Layout Tips to Maximize Sales

    Convenience is still one of the leading coffee purchase drivers (second only to quality), so your coffee bar must quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your customers.

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