NATSO Check-Link™ for Truckstops and Travel Plazas

This exclusive NATSO member service allows you to verify all of your fuel checks from drivers directly through your point-of-sale device for a flat yearly fee of only $360. NATSO's database of thousands of drivers is updated hourly to protect you from bad checks, which saves you thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue.

Check-Link is a great marketing tool that enables you to grow your direct bill and owner-operator business. For one flat fee, you have unlimited access. Check-Link has more than 1,800 subscribing truckstop locations already using the service, making this program a very reliable service in conducting daily business.

Join Today and Start Saving!

If your location is not currently a Check-Link location and you would like to become a part of the Check-Link network, email NATSO's Director of Business and Travel Plaza Member Services, Kimberly Roberts ( to sign-up today! Check-Link is a members-only program. Email Kimberly ( to join today.

NATSO Check-Link™ Directory Listing

All NATSO member locations are listed through an online directory provided to thousands of drivers who consult this resource for participating NATSO truckstop and travel plaza member locations. Various search criteria allows drivers to locate Check-Link locations while on the road.