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What You Missed in the Biz Brief This Week: November 27, 2013

Posted in: Industry Trends & News


In today’s information-overloaded business world, we often find ourselves deluged with literally hundreds of news items from dozens of sources. While it is likely impossible to read every article and remain productive, by not doing so we risk missing the one article that could change a key business practice or thought process. And that is where the NATSO Foundation’s newest publication, Biz Brief, provides assistance! The NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief is a daily collection of the most relevant business intelligence for truckstop and travel plaza operators. 

While we think the Biz Brief is a must-read every day, if you only read ten news articles this week, these ten most-clicked Biz Brief articles are the ten to read. 

  1. Are Employer Health Plans the Next Round of Cancellations? 
    News about individual health insurance cancellations continues to cause headaches at the White House, but some say this is only the beginning. The next wave of cancellations will be employer-based health insurance, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Click here to read more >

  2. Truckstop Etiquette 
    Overdrive Magazine invited drivers to offer up what provided them with the greatest frustration in the truckstop environment. Their fellow drivers were the source of their primary aggravation. Improper use of fuel islands provided interesting conversation on the Overdrive blog site. The comments provide some instructive thoughts for truckstop operators.Click here to read more >

  3.  The Reality Of The Driver Shortage 
    The driver shortage is becoming very real in 2013. While the trucking industry was able to experience job growth of just less than four percent each year in 2011 and 2012, employment has increased only one percent in 2013. With turnover at 100 percent, fleets are hiring significant numbers of drivers to merely hold employment levels steady. Challenges for trucking industry employment include an aging workforce; a life expectancy of 61 years; and a reduction in productivity and earnings as a result of HOS changes, EOBR mandates and the new CSA rules. Click here to read more >
  4. A True Universal Credit Card 
    Tired of bulging wallets full of credit, debit and loyalty cards? A solution may be in the offing. A start-up company, Coin, has developed a new device, which is the size of a credit card, that allows a user to load all of the information on your current credit cards' magnetic stripe over to the Coin. The user can then toggle between credit cards on his device and swipe the device through any retailer's point of sale device. The Coin can hold a limitless number of credit cards in its internal data base. Click here to read more >

  5. TA Adds Board Member 
    Maryland Attorney Lisa Harris Jones has been announced as TravelCenters of America's newest member of the Board of Directors. Jones, who is a founding member of the Baltimore-based law firm of Harris Jones and Malone, will serve as an Independent Director on the board. Ms. Jones' current term will extend to TA's annual meeting in 2016. Click here to read more >

  6. Alternative Fuel Vehicles Gaining Traction, But Diesel Remains Dominant 
    Vehicles running on alternative fuels will accelerate over the next decade, but diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles will continue to dominate market share, says a new report titled "Tomorrow's Vehicles: What Will We Be Driving in 2023?" Click here to read more >

  7. How Will The End Of Stimulus Affect Our Economy? 
    The Federal Reserve does not set interest rates in our economy's open market, but the Fed's ongoing purchasing of debt has had the same effect. Interest rates are driven by supply and demand and the federal government's debt acquisition is a large part of the demand. Consequently, as the Fed pulls back on its current stimulus program or tapers its purchasing, the housing market and the stock markets will be the first impacted because they are interest rate sensitive. A drop in the housing market will undoubtedly result in freight reduction. Click here to read more >

  8. Love's Buys 3 Oklahoma City Office Buildings 
    Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores have acquired three Oklahoma City office buildings from Chesapeake Energy Corp. for a reported $24.25 million. The Oklahoma-based travel plaza operator purchased the Atrium Towers, which is a twin six-story office complex, and an adjacent three-story building. These new offices are in addition to Love's current offices which are undergoing expansion. Click here to read more >
  9. Are Shoppers Loyal to Loyalty Programs? 
    According to a new Nielsen survey, 84 percent of respondents reported that they are more likely to visit a retailer that has a loyalty program. So what benefits are consumers looking for from a loyalty program? Seventy-five percent said that discounted or free merchandise is their most valuable benefit, and 41 percent are looking for exclusive deals. "On average, more respondents claimed to be not loyal than completely loyal to brands, service providers and retailers," the survey found. Click here to read more >

  10. Boss Shops Opens Missouri Facility 
    Boss Shops has announced the opening of a new truck repair facility on I-44 in Sullivan, Missouri. The truck care center, which is located beside the Flying J Travel Plaza, will offer tires, quick lube oil changes, preventative maintenance, brake, electrical, drive train, air conditioning and roadside service. This is the company's 44th location in the US. Click here to read more >

I might be biased, but I think if you aren't receiving Biz Brief, you are missing out! Not a subscriber? Be sure to submit a request to be added to the email list. Already receive it and have feedback for me? Be sure to email me at

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Roger Cole

Roger Cole

Roger Cole serves as edior of the NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief. The Biz Brief is a daily e-newsletter created to provide readers with business intelligence tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. Cole shifts through hundreds of news sources daily, selects the most relevant and timely news and then editorially distills it into a must-read briefing.