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What You Missed in the Biz Brief This Week: November 20, 2013

Posted in: Industry Trends & News


In today’s information-overloaded business world, we often find ourselves deluged with literally hundreds of news items from dozens of sources. While it is likely impossible to read every article and remain productive, by not doing so we risk missing the one article that could change a key business practice or thought process. And that is where the NATSO Foundation’s newest publication, Biz Brief, provides assistance! The NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief is a daily collection of the most relevant business intelligence for truckstop and travel plaza operators. 

While we think the Biz Brief is a must-read every day, if you only read ten news articles this week, these ten most-clicked Biz Brief articles are the ten to read. 

  1. TA Announces Purchase of 31 'Minit Mart' C-Stores 
    TravelCenters of America has agreed to acquire 31 "Minit Mart" convenience stores for $67 million, before closing costs and customary working capital adjustments. The c-stores all offer retail fuel stations, with 28 located in Kentucky and three in Tennessee. During 2012, the stores dispensed an aggregate of 38 million gallons of fuel. Click here to read more >

  2. Do Electric Charging Stations Make Sense For Truck Stops? 
    The Motley Fool makes a case for the truck stop community to be a source of fuel for electric-powered vehicles. As it takes 20 to 75 minutes to charge a Tesla battery, the blog suggests that a truck stop would be an ideal location for a charging station as the car's owner could have a meal while charging their vehicle. Tesla has plans to open a network of charging stations that would serve 98 percent of the U.S. population by 2015. The car company expects to be at an annual production level of 500,000 in the next several years. Click here to read more >

  3. 76% Support $9 Minimum Wage 
    According to a new Gallup poll, 76 percent of Americans say they support an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) announced that they have the President's support for the legislation, which would increase the minimum required wage to $10.10 per hour. However, the legislation is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives, where it faces strong opposition. Click here to read more >
  4. Four Indications That Your Leadership Skills Need Work 
    As leaders, we have responsibilities that affect many people. Do you recognize the signs of faltering leadership even when they exist within you? Do you make empty promises, fail to follow up on issues, attempt to skirt confrontations and hold yourself accountable? Your answers will provide some insight into the status of your leadership skills. Click here to read more >

  5. EPA Addresses "Blend Wall" with Reduced RFS for 2014
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lowered the ethanol mandate and set reduced levels for other biofuels for 2014 in a proposal released Nov. 15. The reductions were a recognition on the agency's part that fuel consumption has declined over the last several years and that today's fuel infrastructure is not able to handle ethanol blends greater than E-10. It also served as an acknowledgement that certain fuels such as cellulosic biofuels have not developed the way Congress envisioned in 2007 under the Energy Independence and Security Act. Click here to read more >

  6. U.S. to Dominate Global Oil Production by 2015
    The United States will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world's largest oil producer in 2015, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in its long-term energy outlook. American energy production is skyrocketing, and America’s need for oil imports will all but disappear by 2035, the agency said. Click here to read more >

  7. Illegal Lead Tire Weights 
    Six states currently have laws prohibiting the sale and installation of lead tire weights. Several other states have made failed attempts to pass similar legislation. While current laws deal with the sale, distribution and installation of lead rather than those already in use, over half of the weights used in the country are still lead-based. Those states outlawing sale and installation include California, Illinois, Maine, New York, Vermont and Washington. Click here to read more >
  8. Love's Considers N.Y. Location 
    Love's Travel Stops continues to seek approvals necessary to construct a location in Canaan, N.Y. along Interstate 90. While the company has received approvals from the county health department for the design of a wastewater treatment plant and from the state Department of Transportation for preliminary access and egress design, it still must receive full approval from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the county's Planning Board. Love's next meeting with the Planning Board is scheduled for Nov.18. Click here to read more >

  9. Food Trends For 2014 
    What should we expect in restaurant trends as we enter 2014? A leading food-service research and consulting firm has pulled together the best guesses of its staff to predict what we will see on the nation's menus in the coming year. More customer information, different proteins trending away from pricey beef, and comfort food, are just a few of the trends highlighted. Click here to read more >

  10. C-Store Owners Bring Video Poker Suit Against Georgia 
    Convenience store operators in Georgia are seeking to have a new video poker law declared unconstitutional. The new regulations require convenience stores that operate video poker machines to register with the state and to give a portion of their revenues to the state lottery corporation. Additionally, the law requires the stores to split the net proceeds of the machines evenly with the owners of the gaming devices. One hundred convenience stores have joined in the suit. Click here to read more >

I might be biased, but I think if you aren't receiving Biz Brief, you are missing out! Not a subscriber? Be sure to submit a request to be added to the email list. Already receive it and have feedback for me? Be sure to email me at

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Roger Cole

Roger Cole

Roger Cole serves as edior of the NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief. The Biz Brief is a daily e-newsletter created to provide readers with business intelligence tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. Cole shifts through hundreds of news sources daily, selects the most relevant and timely news and then editorially distills it into a must-read briefing.