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What You Missed in the Biz Brief This Week: April 23, 2014

Posted in: Industry Trends & News

In today’s information-overloaded business world, we often find ourselves deluged with literally hundreds of news items from dozens of sources. While it is likely impossible to read every article and remain productive, by not doing so we risk missing the one article that could change a key business practice or thought process. And that is where the NATSO Foundation’s newest publication, Biz Brief, provides assistance! The NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief is a daily collection of the most relevant business intelligence for truckstop and travel plaza operators. 

While we think the Biz Brief is a must-read every day, if you only read ten news articles this week, these ten most-clicked Biz Brief articles are the ten to read. 

  1. Rail Car Shortage Could Spur Truck Freight 
    As the recession slowed the nation's economy, many railroads mothballed rail cars and reduced staff. Today, there are 100,000 fewer rail cars in the country than at the height of the recession. This is causing significant shipper issues. A Missouri port official said, "I called to get 10 cars and the guy said, 'yeah you and 300 other people.' They were behind 300 orders and he said for you to get cars it would be probably over a year." This could necessitate a move to truck for much of the freight. Click here to read more >

  2. On-Highway Diesel Consumption Drops 9 Percent From 2007 to 2012 
    According to a recent report produced by American Fuels, on-highway diesel consumption has fallen by 8.6 percent between 2007 and 2012. Consumption peaked in 2007 at 39.8 billion gallons. Consumption fell to 34.1 billion gallons in 2009 and has been rebounding since then. About 36 billion gallons were consumed in 2012. Click here to read more >

  3. Chick-fil-A Spends $50 Million to Change Chicken 
    Chick-fil-A is serious about forging a healthier image. The nation's largest chicken chain invested seven years and $50 million to develop a new recipe for its chargrilled product that will be used in sandwiches, tenders and wraps. The new items will roll out this month. The improvements involved product, process and equipment as the 1,775 store chain is attempting to provide a healthier and "more craveable" grilled chicken menu. Click here to read more >

  4. Ohio City Considers $700,000 Billboard 
    The city of Huber Heights, Ohio, plans to pay $700,000 for a billboard on Interstate 70, just outside of Dayton. The 65-foot high digital board will be paid for by selling naming rights at city-owned facilities. Competition for billboard space can come from many sources, including a small city of 40,000. Click here to read more >

  5. Love's to Build in Nebraska 
    Love's Travel Stop project manager Steve Walters said the company pushed Sidney, Neb., up on its project list after Wyoming raised its diesel fuel tax. "It used to be cheaper to fuel in Cheyenne than it was in Nebraska," Walters said. "Now, it’s cheaper to fuel in Sidney before they get to Cheyenne. Sidney had been on our radar for quite some time and when that decision was made [by Wyoming], it really bumped it up on our priority list.” The facility is slated to open in early 2015. Click here to read more >

  6. Love's to Start Construction in N.Y. 
    According to officials of Columbia-Greene County, N.Y., Love's Travel Stops is set to begin construction on a new location in the county. Construction will begin in early May on the facility, which will be located along Interstate 90. The travel stop will be Love's second in New York. Click here to read more >

  7. Truck Driver Delivers Baby at Flying J 
    FTC Transportation driver Fred Robatcek intended to have a quiet breakfast at the Denny's located in the Flying J at Texarkana, Ark. At 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, he and a server were the only people in the dining room, when Robatcek heard the scream of a woman in distress. When he went to her aid, he found a young woman giving birth. Another driver came along and the two of them delivered the baby and even managed to unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby's neck. Both mom and baby are fine, thanks to two courageous drivers. Click here to read more >

  8. “There’s a shortage of truck mechanics and it’s only going to get worse.”

    Phil Byrd, chairman of the American Trucking Associations and president and CEO of Bulldog Hiway Express, speaking of the projected shortage of 200,000 truck mechanics over the next 10 years. 
    Click here to read more >

  9. How to Increase Beverage Sales 
    Whether they come from the cooler, the fountain or the coffee bar, beverages make up a significant portion of travel plaza and truckstop sales. Stocking the right mix and the latest offerings not only keeps customers happy, it also increases sales. To ensure they have desirable products, operators can monitor traffic patterns, get to know their customers and stay current on the latest trends. Click here to read more >

  10. Virginia C-Store Under Fire as a Truckstop 
    The Liberty gas station in Middletown, Va., along Interstate 85 has run afoul of the town's zoning ordinances. The station is in violation of local regulations that disallow truckstops in the town because the gas station allows overnight truck parking on its two-and-a-half acre gravel lot. The owner is negotiating with the town and could be required to install a noise barrier and "no idling" signs throughout the property. Click here to read more >


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Roger Cole

Roger Cole

Roger Cole serves as edior of the NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief. The Biz Brief is a daily e-newsletter created to provide readers with business intelligence tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. Cole shifts through hundreds of news sources daily, selects the most relevant and timely news and then editorially distills it into a must-read briefing.