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What NATSO’s July Food and Fuel Study Tour is All About

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail

NATSO’s Food and Fuel Study Tour, July 18-20 in Chicago, will give NATSO members an opportunity to tour food service and travel plaza locations, take a deep dive into biodiesel blending economics, including talking about the value of RINs, how to trade RINs and what companies are out there to assist you and network with truckstop and travel plaza operators. 


NATSO’s past study tours have sold out because they really are special experiences. 

During the Food and Fuel Study Tour, NATSO will take the experience to a new level and add in industry experts who will share their insights into the latest trends in both food and fuel — two of the most important profit centers within a truckstop or travel plaza.

Day One: Biodiesel. The two-day learning event will kick off with a focus on biodiesel and a tour of the REG Seneca Biodiesel Plant in the morning. The plant tour will show biodiesel equipment and cover fuel specifications. 

In the afternoon, operators will visit Sapp Brothers Peru and TA Morris. The visits include a tour of the locations and attendees are encouraged to look at every nook and cranny. Operators will have plenty of time to look around and ask questions. 


Like on tours in the past, attendees will walk out to the lots and see the pumps and learn more about the operations. Attendees will learn directly from their peers what vendors to use and what questions to ask when installing new equipment. 

Everyone in attendance will be able to take notes in the detailed notebooks provided. 


During the visits, truckstop operators at the host locations will share their expertise with attendees, giving very detailed accounts of what makes their companies so successful. 

They will take questions from the audience and share the answers in an intimate setting. 


During the afternoon tours, operators will also discuss foodservice trends relevant for the on-the-go consumer at the locations.

Day Two: Food. The food focus on the tour will continue on Day Two when operators visit some of the most interesting dining locations in Chicago.

The day will be led by industry leader Ed Burcher, principle at Burcher Consulting. Burcher spent 18 years at Wawa where his team was responsible for developing the fresh food and foodservice offerings. He has been in the c-store industry for over 38 years in both operational and marketing roles at Coen Markets where he developed and implemented the Neighbours Store at Petro-Canada and led foodservice components for their SuperStop convenience stores.

Attendees will get an in-depth look at Revival Food Hal and Eataly, and get the inside scoop from management within the locations.


Attendees will also take part in a guided walking tour of some of the most popular quick-service restaurants and grab-and-go spots in Chicago’s loop area.

Truckstop operators in attendance will have a chance to share their own experiences, so the entire group can benefit from each other’s expertise.


Don't miss the magic. The attendee registration fee for the Food and Fuel Tour is $1,000 for members and $1,500 for nonmembers. Click here to learn more and register for the tour.

(Stay tuned! We have lots more to share about this exciting tour this week.)

NATSO's Food and Fuel Study Tour is generously sponsored by: REG116.png

Photos from previous study tours: Jules Clifford/NATSO
Eataly photo: Christine Schoessler/NATSO

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