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Truckstop Biodiesel Pump Labeling Requirements Unraveled

Posted in: Fuel and Trucking, Biodiesel


/// Guest post by contributor Jon ScharingsonRenewable Energy Group

When your customers pull up to the diesel pump, they want to know exactly what they are getting. Clearly posting your price and the diesel grade are part of your every day operation. Biodiesel pump label requirements give travel centers an opportunity to easily integrate biodiesel blends.

First, 48 states require B100 (pure biodiesel) meets quality specifications before blending, just like diesel fuel. All truck stops or travel centers purchasing B100 in order to take advantage of the federal blenders tax credit for $1.00 per gallon must purchase fuel that meets the ASTM D 6751 specification. You can ask your biodiesel provider for a copy of a recent certificate of analysis to prove your fuel quality at the initial blend was on spec.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates pump labeling within four categories; B1-B5, B6-B20, B20+ and B100.  FTC biodiesel pump labels are blue in color. Orange labels denote the broader category of biomass-based diesel which could also include renewable diesel.

B1-B5: Does not require a pump label. ASTM announced in 2008 that biodiesel blends up to B5 perform and are handled the same as straight diesel fuel. Many retailers offer blends up to B5 in varying amounts and do not need to label.

B6-B20: For any blend amount between B6 and B20, federal law requires one label is required. In some states, retailers who switch blends within the range are required to specifically note the blend (B8, B10, B11, etc). Blends in the B6 to B20 can be tested for combined fuel quality using the ASTM D7467 method.  

B20+: This label states “B21 Biodiesel Blend” in the header and with the text ‘‘contains more than 20 percent biodiesel” below. 

B100: Pump label required if sold at retail.

Biodiesel pump labels are available for sale from many state petroleum marketer associations or can be purchased online.

Here are some additional resources for information on this topic: 

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{Guest Post} Guest post provided by NATSO Chairman's Circle member Jon Scharingson, Renewable Energy Group. Renewable Energy Group® is a leading North American biodiesel producer with a nationwide distribution and logistics system. With more than 210 million gallons of owned/operated annual production capacity at biorefineries across the country, REG is a proven biodiesel partner in the distillate marketplace. Learn more about Renewable Energy Group.

The opinions and advice given by guest post contributors are not necessarily those of NATSO Inc. The posts should not be considered legal advice. Qualified professionals should be sought regarding advice and questions specific to your circumstances.

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