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The 3 P’s to Succeed as a Convenience Retailer

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail


/// Guest post by contributor Chuck White, DAS Companies, Inc.

Convenience stores within the truckstops and travel plazas are important profit centers for the locations, and they also provide a valuable customer service. Today more than ever shoppers are on the go and looking for solutions to meet their hectic lifestyles. C-stores at truckstops and travel plazas can capitalize on that growing demand by offering the right products at the right place at the right time.

Research has shown that while shoppers visit c-stores they are willing to pay more if it means they will save time, and the top reasons shoppers say they stop are because of convenience and accessibility. Convenience store customers, on average, spend less than two minutes shopping, which means that to capture inside sales, the stores need to be easy to navigate.

Inside sales represent only 30 percent of c-store sales, but they make up 70 percent of the gross margin, so retailers need to have an inside-sales strategy and also keep up with customers’ changing demands. For example, tobacco sales have declined to 40 percent of convenience store sales, but sales of beverage and salty snacks continue to grow. To help promote products and secure sales, successful c-stores are relying on loyalty programs, which often include discounted fuel, a free beverage or other in-store offerings.

While revenues for c-stores have doubled in the last decade, profits have only average 1.1 percent of sales. That means that to fully capitalize on their c-stores, truckstop and travel plaza operators have to be efficient. 

DAS has created a white paper that will help truckstop and travel plaza operators find ways to maximize their c-store sales. We have offered suggestions and insight into how operators can act on place, product and promotion to become better retailers, meet customers’ needs and improve sales. Download the paper by clicking the banner below


{Guest Post} Guest post provided by NATSO Chairman's Circle member Chuck White, DAS Companies, Inc. DAS Companies, Inc. is a full service marketing and global supply chain portfolio company based in Palmyra, PA.  Privately-held, DAS Companies, Inc., designs, imports, and distributes automotive accessories, travel merchandise, and mobile electronics that add safety, convenience, comfort and leisure to on-the-go consumers, through a series of channel partnerships including Travel Centers, Heavy Duty Trucking Centers, and Electronics & Specialty Retailers. 

The opinions and advice given by guest post contributors are not necessarily those of NATSO Inc. The posts should not be considered legal advice. Qualified professionals should be sought regarding advice and questions specific to your circumstances.

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About the Author

Chuck White

Chuck White

Like you, Chuck is passionate about serving customers. His marketing mind is always running a mile a minute. Chuck serves as Vice President; Brands & Marketing for DAS Companies, a full service marketing & global supply chain portfolio company. Chuck leads DAS’s go-to-market strategic plan, bringing North America’s leading portfolio of on-the-go products to convenience and electronics retailers. Prior to joining DAS, Chuck spent two decades with Armstrong World Industries—building brands, devising marketing strategies, developing products, designing merchandising, and leading sales. Mostly, Chuck just helps teams win.