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Sacramento 49er Does it Again, Serving More of Those Who Serve

Posted in: Great Ideas, Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail, Leadership & Strategy

In the July/August issue of Stop Watch, we told you about the awesome service Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza in Sacramento provided earlier this year to about 2,000 soldiers that were en route to an Army base in Washington State.

The location did it again over the summer, with 600 members of the military stopping in over a three-day period while they were on their way to training.

The location only had a few days notice to prepare, but staff were able to get in touch with vendors and up their orders. Henry Shabir, store manager for the location, said, “We increased our orders on food and beverages so we wouldn’t run out of them. I immediately called Matt, our DAS rep, to get an order of battery backups sent to us overnight. As soon as we got them in, I got them all plugged in to start charging them.”

The location was able to offer the battery backups fully charged for $19.99 and created food specials, including hot dogs for two for $3, corndogs for two for $2 and tornados for two for $2.

To better serve the troops, the location also set up charging stations so soldiers could charge their phones while they were stopped. “People use their phones for everything now and it keeps them entertained during the long drive. When they stop at your location after a six-hour drive, their phones are dead. They really appreciate the charging stations and the battery backups sell like hot cakes since they are fully charged ready for them to use,” Shabir said. 







Photos Courtesy of Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza

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