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NATSO Blog: September 2018

Directional Signs at Jubitz Travel Center are Fun and Informative

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

With all of the cars and heavy-duty trucks coming and going at a truckstop or travel plaza, it is important drivers know where to go. Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, Oregon, has done a fantastic job with its directional signage, which provides customers with important information, improves the customer experience and increases safety.

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Route 66 Food n Fuel Joliet Keeps Customers Moving

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

The Route 66 Food n Fuel location in Joliet, Illinois, is incredibly busy, and it can move through thousands of customers each day, especially during large events at the Chicagoland Speedway, which is adjacent to the location.

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Customers Take Center Stage at Food N Fuel Travel Center in Elwood

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

If you haven’t been to Food N Fuel in Elwood, Illinois, you’re missing out. The location is full of dozens of great ideas that add to the overall experience for local customers and professional drivers alike.

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