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NATSO Blog: August 2018

Food, Fuel and Fun at 24-7 Travel Stores

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

24-7 Travel Stores, which are operated by Triplett Inc., have 10 locations in Kansas, and I was recently able to stop by the location in Maple Hill, just 20 miles west of Topeka on I-70 and Exit 341. I was greeted with fast and friendly service and enjoyed seeing the large selection of products.

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Lessons Learned at NATSO Connect: Tell Your Story with Branding and Design

During The Good to Great Session at NATSO Connect, Mike Lawshe, president of Paragon Solutions, shared his insights into branding. Branding and design tells a story, and Lawshe challenged operators to think about the stories they are telling at their location.

“To me the wonderful advantage we have as independent truckstop operators is we can tell whatever story we want, so make it a good one,” Lawshe said during the session. “Telling a story and creating a brand is critical. Your brand is everything.”

Design’s Role in Branding
Design is a kay part in what helps operators create their image. “Something as subtle as your aisle widths is making a statement about who you are,” Lawshe said.

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Customer Service and Cleanliness Drive Sales at Pride Travel Center in Eloy

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

Pride Travel Center in Eloy, Arizona, excels in customer service and speed, which helps this location drive some incredible fuel volumes. In speaking with drivers during my visit, speed and staff are mentioned frequently, and this is critical especially when attempting to compete with more modern or brand new interstate travel centers.

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Food Offerings Reign Supreme at Pride Travel Center’s Salome Location

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

During my travels, I was recently able to visit Pride Travel Center in Salome, Arizona, which is owned by Manjit Bajwa, Charanjit Bajwa, Laddie Bajwa and Jagjit Kahlon. Pride recently took this store over and have been making steady improvements to the operations, which is resulting in good success.

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