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NATSO Blog: June 2018

Coffee Cup Fuel Stops/Travel Plazas Offers Warm Smiles and Seating

Coffee Cup Fuel Stops has several great locations, and their Vermillion stop is no different. The location is warm and welcoming and has great signage and encourages customers to make their way from the fuel islands to the inside.

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How Biodiesel Can Help Increase Your Fuel Margins

Posted in: Fuel and Trucking, Biodiesel

Winter is finally in the rearview mirror and the busy summer travel season is almost here. This is the time of year many of the travel centers REG works with increase their biodiesel blend levels to take advantage of the economic benefits the renewable fuel brings.

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Finding and Fostering Great Ideas with NATSO

Posted in: Great Ideas, Truckstop Business

Technology is changing, the retail experience is changing and customers needs are changing. That means NATSO members must observe the trends and innovate to remain relevant.

Finding and applying great ideas has become so important.

The good news is NATSO provides many ways to gather ideas.

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Stop and See ‘The Thing’ at Bowlin Travel Center

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

Bowlin Travel Centers operates ten locations in New Mexico and Arizona, and the Arizona location on I-10 and exit 322, 17 miles east of Benson and about 40 miles east of Tucson, excels at marketing. The location is famous for ‘The Thing,’ a roadside attraction that it touts on billboards up and down the interstate.

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There is Something for Everyone at Quicklee’s

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

Quicklee’s Travel Center in Avon, New York, is another great example of a beautiful location. The location is highly recognized on sites, such as Trucker Path. The location is 19,000 square feet and sits on nearly 10 acres. Inside there is something for everyone. Like every modern travel center, there are the traditional c-store snacks, candy and beverages, and electronics and truck accessories. The store colors, use of different materials, and the layout and design make this operation POP from a visual standpoint.

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