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NATSO Blog: December 2016

Fill Up on Southern Hospitality at St. Rose Travel Center

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

While roaming around St. Rose Travel Center, there is a good chance you’ll run into Miss Pat, which tells you everything you need to know about the Southern hospitality that you’ll find at this location in St. Rose, Louisiana. The minute you walk in the door you get a wonderful warm feeling. They greet customers with a smile and they know most of their people by name. Whether you’re a repeat visitor or stopping in for the first time, you feel welcome.

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TimeMaxx Meets Families’ Needs

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

At TimeMaxx in Baytown, Texas, travelers with children will feel at home. The location is clean and well-lit and has a great mix of products and food that appeal to families as well as solo travelers.

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Spreading the Message at Littlefield Express Travel Center

Posted in: Truckstop Travels

We’ve talked before about how critical signage in to attract customers, and Littlefield Express in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, is a perfect example of just how powerful signage can be—both inside and out. The location has mastered messaging with its outside signage setting the stage for what customers can expect and drawing them inside. Most importantly, it fulfills the promise once customers walk through the door.

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Three Ways to Appeal to Customers Shared at The NATSO Show

Posted in: The NATSO Show, Marketing & Retail

The overall feel and look of a location as well as the mix of products on the shelves can help boost sales and reinforce the company’s brand. During The NATSO Show 2016, Ed Leddy a retail, food service and truckstop expert, took part in Snap Learning sessions on the show floor and shared quick tips on ways operators can appeal to customers.

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Appealing to Four-Wheelers at Orchard Creek

Posted in: Marketing & Retail, Truckstop Travels

At the Orchard Creek convenience store in Raphine, Virginia, shoppers can pick up handbags, candles and home décor in addition to the items travelers often need, and the location has positioned itself as a destination stop for unique items.

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Another Round of Great Ideas from The NATSO Show

Great ideas make things better, and operators attending the Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop at The NATSO Show 2016 walked away from the annual session with dozens of ideas they could take back to their locations. A great idea can stand on its own, or you can add to it and find ways to make it your own.

Operators have already shared their top ideas here and here, and here are 10 more.

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