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NATSO Blog: October 2016

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Compliance Corner: Changes to Labor Rules Will Affect NATSO Members

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Human Resources

The National Labor Relations Board has revised the so-called “joint employer” standard significantly to expand the scope of determining “co-employment” under the National Labor Relations Act. Specifically, the NLRB decided that a company could be considered a “joint employer” if it possesses the right to control various terms and conditions of employment, regardless of whether that company actually exercises such control.

In addition, the Department of Labor has released “guidance” that has the effect of limiting employers’ ability to classify workers as “independent contractors” rather than employees. Both moves will have a direct affect on NATSO members as the franchisor-franchisee business model is ubiquitous throughout the truckstop and travel plaza industry and many NATSO members utilize independent contractors.

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