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NATSO Blog: October 2015

NATSO Show Speaker Shares: To Succeed, Be the Only One Who Does What You Do

Posted in: Truckstop Business, The NATSO Show, Marketing & Retail

As an entrepreneur, co-founder of Fast Company magazine and a best selling author, Bill Taylor understands what it takes for business owners to compete. While researching his latest book, Be the Only: Thriving in a World Where Best Isn’t Good Enough, Taylor gained even more insights into what it takes to thrive in today’s competitive market. Taylor will he be sharing his expertise as a keynote speaker at The NATSO Show, and shared a preview of latest findings with NATSO ahead of the event.

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Daily Truckstop Checklist: The Morning Routine

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Darren's Great Ideas for Independent Operators, Marketing & Retail, Operations

The start of a new day can be hectic, but this list will help you keep it simple. You don’t need to check something just for the sake of checking it, but here are five key areas to check each morning.

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Case Study: Lee Hi Travel Plaza Tries Higher Quality Coffee

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail

As the recent trends towards higher quality, origin coffees filter through the market place, would they hold true at a travel plaza? Lee Hi Travel Plaza, a NATSO member located in Lexington, Virginia, embarked to find out. During a June 1–10 test period, Lee Hi’s standard house blend was switched, without fanfare, from Red Sky (2.5oz) to Guatemalan Highlands (2.75oz), both medium-roast, high mountain coffee blends.

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Four Ways to Create or Improve Your Truckstop’s Culture

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Human Resources, Operations

A strong company culture can benefit employees and customers alike, but creating a culture isn’t always easy. During this month’s operational exchange conference call, NATSO members joined together to share their insights on how they are building and strengthening their corporate culture. Here are four key ideas operators shared during the call.

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Accessible Parking Spaces for Class 8 Trucks

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Americans with Disabilities Act

Regulations for accessible parking spots are an important part of the ADA Standards, especially for truckstop and convenience store owners. Because it is easy to identify a noncompliant parking lot, parking has become the number one issue for ADA lawsuits across the country. Facility owners are becoming more knowledgeable in just what kind of accessible parking is required – but many are unfamiliar with more specific rules in the ADA, such as those for accessible parking spots for Class 8 trucks.

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Preparing Documentation For A Termination?

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Human Resources

One of my staff went almost 7 whole days without clocking in or out on our web-based time card system. She said it was her computer but it mysteriously started working the day after my accounting person pointed it out to her. We've been unhappy with her work performance and reliability (late almost every day). I want to start documenting for when we do let her go so there is no recourse for her to file. Her supervisor wants to try to avoid paying unemployment, if that is even possible. I have one item in her file already from last October that we had her sign regarding her tardiness. Do you have advice on what I should do to document to her file? She is not in any of the protected classes as far as I am aware. Does she have to sign the warning for it to be official or can I just tell her I put a note her in file?

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Before Purchasing New Technology, Use What You Have

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Darren's Great Ideas for Independent Operators, Technology

Technology is such an important word in our culture today, and we often think more and better technology is the solution to whatever challenge we’re facing. During my visits with truckstop and travel plaza operators, many of them tell me they’re thinking of investing in new technology. I always like to dig a little deeper into why.

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Improve Time Management with These Four Tips for Truckstop Operators

Posted in: Truckstop Business, The NATSO Show, Leadership & Strategy

Not only do truckstop and travel plaza owners and managers know the nuts and bolts of their operations, they know how they want things to be done, which is why they often end up doing things themselves rather than delegating responsibilities. During The NATSO Show 2015, small retail business expert Tom Shay told attendees that writing down tasks along with who should take care of them can help owners and managers better manage their time while also giving their employees greater ownership of their work.

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What Does Walmart's Advanced Vehicle Experience Mean for Truckstops?

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Darren's Great Ideas for Independent Operators, Fuel and Trucking

The trucking industry is buzzing with news of Walmart's Advanced Vehicle Experience. The truck prototype combines aerodynamics, mictroturbine-hybrid powertrain, electrification, advanced control systems, and cutting edge materials like carbon fiber all in one vehicle with the end goal of drastically improving fuel efficiency.

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Is It Worth “Switching” To EMV At My Truckstop?

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Technology

Today is the deadline. What should I do? Is it worth “switching” to EMV at my truckstop?

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