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NATSO Blog: September 2014

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Brix Your Fountain Drink Machine to Cut Costs

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Darren's Great Ideas for Independent Operators, Marketing & Retail, Operations

When it comes to fountain drinks, consistency is key. Truckstop and travel plaza operators sell many thousands of cups of soda annually, and the key to great tasting soda is ensuring it has the proper brix, which is the ratio of syrup to water. What’s more, if you’re not regularly brixing your fountain, you’re mostly likely dispensing more soda syrup than is necessary, and it is probably costing you thousands of dollars of profit annually.

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What You Missed in the Biz Brief This Week: September 3, 2014

Posted in: Industry Trends & News

Medieval-Themed Travel Plaza Opens and more...

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Diesel Vehicle Trends: Part 2

Posted in: Fuel and Trucking, Biodiesel

From BMW to Chevy, auto manufacturers have unveiled a number of diesel-powered models in 2014; this trend is expected to continue over the next decade.

Projections for the future of fuels are pointing squarely at diesel. According to the Energy Information Association (EIA), they forecast that drivers will consume 17.1 percent more diesel fuel by 2023, and 26 percent more by 2040.

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