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Nine On-Trend Father's Day Displays for Truckstops

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail


With Father’s Day just around the corner, I was reflecting on what my son, grandchildren and wife may have up their sleeves in terms of a gift for me. I thought, “Is this the year I get a Porsche 911 Carrera?” Ahhh, no. So, what can dear old dad expect this year?

According to a recent article on Chain Store Age, “Research released by IBISWorld showed that Father’s Day sales are forecast to total $13 billion in 2013, a 2% year-over-year increase. Special outings, such as dining out and watching sporting events, are expected to account for the largest share of Father’s Day spending this year, contributing 18.8% of total holiday sales, up 3.5% from 2012.

Behind outings, gifts of books, CDs, personal care products and sporting goods are expected to account for 18.4% of Father’s Day 2013, up 2% from last year. Greeting card sales will also see an increase over 2012, slated to jump 9%. Apparel spending, however, is slated to dip slightly this year, as consumers lean more toward electronics purchases for Dad. Gift cards will remain a holiday mainstay, accounting for 13% of Father’s Day spending – which is the same as 2012.”

With these statistics in mind, are you prepared? Below are some suggestions to take advantage of the trends and remember, if you have a dedicated rack, do not be afraid of the in-and-out shipper.

  1. Besides ensuring your every day rack of sunglasses is fully stocked, deploy an in-and-out shipper of sunglasses designed for those planning an outing, placed front and center.

  2. Also for those headed on an outing, add a special in-and-out shipper of 12-volt and USB cellular chargers that highlight your best-selling chargers.

  3. Likewise, add a display of power-to-go products to charge those tablets, smartphones and video cameras.

  4. Take advantage of KSG’s top-selling books and add an in-and-out shipper with titles that dads love like military events, equipment, trains, planes and automobiles.

  5. Sell KSG’s hot-selling CD shippers and buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) DVD products.

  6. Install an in-and-out shipper full of hot-deal colognes.

  7. Order a small order of items you don’t typically carry such as fishing equipment and telescopes as well as other tried and true outdoor equipment like butane stoves, thermo-electric coolers and logo ice chests.

  8. Have a greeting card in-and-out shipper properly displayed in the primary traffic flow. A gift card spinner placed front and center will drive awareness to the program for this upcoming celebration. I would also encourage you to have your team suggestive sell the product to everyone who visits the transaction counter. For example, “Have you purchased your dad a gift yet? Dad’s love gift cards.”

  9. And do not forget the sunscreen...

/// Want more June retail advice? Read Smart Truckstop Retailing for Father's Day and Truckstop Preparation for the Fourth of July from last June.


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About the Author

Darren Schulte

Darren Schulte

Darren Schulte serves as Vice President of Membership at NATSO. In this role, he directs recruitment, retention and customer service for truckstop and travel plaza members. He is also responsible for developing NATSO products and programs, particularly those relating to education, research and training for truckstop and travel plaza operators.

Schulte also leads NATSO's Profitable Retail Review program. A Profitable Retail Review is a custom assessment of your truckstop, including recommendations for every aspect of your facility, from actionable ideas to improve revenue to tactical ways to improve your net operating costs. Learn about NATSO's Profitable Retail Review program here.

Schulte joined NATSO with nearly three decades of experience in truckstop and travel plaza operations and merchandising. Schulte has worked for: 

  • Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores,
  • HESS Corporation, 
  • Petro Stopping Centers, and
  • TSC Global/Barjan LLC.