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NATSO Members Find Answers On Attracting Hispanic Drivers

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail


One of NATSO’s primary roles is to deliver solutions to members’ challenges.

Each day members tap into the expertise of other members and NATSO’s staff for answers to some of their most pressing questions.

Recently a member inquired about attracting and retaining Hispanic customers on NATSO Solutions, NATSO’s new listserv. Today, I’m sharing an answer to the question and how to sign up to use this member only tool that allows NATSO members to easily connect with other operators to ask questions and share ideas via email.  

What one thing should I do to increase sales and loyalty among my Hispanic customer?

One thing I know one of our members doing is requiring their management team to learn Spanish, so they can better communicate with some of their Hispanic customers and make them feel welcome and respected.

Apparently, the U.S. Hispanic Consumer Market is larger than all but 13 economies in the world, so there's a lot going on in parallel markets geared toward capturing the loyalty of Hispanic customers and some of them are very easy.

  • Target is now utilizing bilingual signs and stocking brands/items favored by the Hispanic customer (e.g. Goya products, rice, etc.)

  • Authentic food is important, so even if you can't make pupusas from scratch, consider carrying Valentina/Tapatio/Cholula hot sauces, limonada (aka limeade), etc.; Sorry, I don't think frozen burritos count.

  • Stock Hispanic versions of toys (i.e. Teresa, Mattel's Hispanic Barbie) to be given as gifts to family.

  • If you have Spanish-speaking employees, try to ensure that you have at least one working per shift so that there is always someone available to talk; if you do not, at least make this ability a consideration -- if not a priority/requirement -- when hiring new employees.

Unfortunately, it can't all be easy and one of the most prominent pieces of advice is to understand the culture.  I know a tour of Central and South America isn't in the cards for everyone, so here's a link to a meaty study (aka 10-page surprisingly quick read thanks to charts) on understanding the Hispanic market/customer that I highly recommend as an intro cheat sheet.  Understanding the different segments of the Hispanic market can help you better tailor potential offerings (e.g. jerk chicken v. empanadas) to your Hispanic customer.

Additional Resources:

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Ready for Great Ideas! year-round? NATSO and the Future Leaders Steering Council have launched sign-ups for NATSO Solutions Sponsored by Future Leaders -- a tool that lets you easily connect with other operators to ask questions and share ideas via email.

This member benefits is available to truckstop and travel plaza members only.

To sign up, email your request to join the group and you'll start connecting with other operators via NATSO Solutions once you receive your welcome email within one business day. After you sign up, all you have to do is email your question to and wait for the answers to come in. Learn more about NATSO Solutions here.

NATSO Solutions is provided by the

Photo Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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