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NATSO Member Love Notes: The Truck Stops Here Blog

Posted in: Truckstop Business

One of our favorite things at NATSO is to receive feedback from members. Whether it is a comment on our website, a phone call or an email, input from members is always shared with all staff and used to guide decisions on member products and knowledge resources. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it!

Of course, we especially appreciate it when you write us a love letter about a program or service that you like and we can’t help but share them. From time to time, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite love letters here on the blog. - AT


Did you know NATSO’s blog is full of how-to blog posts, informative videos and more?

Providing knowledge resources for travel plaza and truckstops is at the core of what NATSO does and the blog is no exception.

NATSO’s blog, The Truckstop Stops Here, is full of resources for truckstop operators. From How to Prevent a Robbery to Tips For Understanding The RINless Biodiesel Market, the content on NATSO’s blog is designed to assist NATSO member truckstops and travel plazas with their business on a daily basis.

While NATSO’s website and blog are certainly the place for truckstop knowledge, they are also the space for NATSO members to interact with each other, vendors and NATSO. NATSO members share helpful blog posts with their staff and join the conversation in the comments. 

We think the blog is the daily must-visit source of news, education, data and analysis for truckstop and travel plaza owners, but don't take our word for it; check out what some The Truck Stops Here commenters had to say:

"Great post Darren. Lately nearly every c-store I've visited has been giving a coupon or slip with their receipts inviting consumers to call or visit their website to answer some short 'How are we doing?' survey questions.  Often there is a discount coupon or chance to win cash or prizes attached to the survey participation; Lot's of ways for retailers to get creative to incent their customers to give feedback. Loyal customers are usually willing to let you know about their experience at your store; the good, bad, and the ugly. Giving them a little something for doing do can only help.”

I did get your thank you note for becoming a member and I'm so glad to become one. There is so much information on your website. Well to begin with, I have a couple years of experience in gas station/convenience stores but this is my first truck-stop that me and my partner bought about a year ago and its been quite challenging as well as exciting to say the least.”  
- Samir

“Great article. I think every owner or manager that reads this will think to themselves "That's obvious". However, I challenge that same person to think that quickly of the last time they did something like this for an employee. Employees are like family members and as everyone knows we usually spend more time helping the neighbor than we do our own family. I have worked for an organization that prided itself on this philosophy and I have worked for ones that don't. I can honestly tell you I was more productive under the ones that do. The smallest of recognition goes along way to employee moral.” 


Share in the comments: What do you like on NATSO's blog? What do you want to see more of?

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Amy Toner

Amy Toner

Toner markets NATSO products, services and meetings. She is the content editor of NATSO's core websites, Stop Watch magazine and Highway Business Matters biweekly articles. In addition, she provides creative services across all departments. Toner joined NATSO in 2006. Prior to joining the association, she served as director of membership services at an association for ambulatory surgery centers. Toner lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and son.

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