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Join the Biodiesel Workshop at The NATSO Show to Learn About Your $500,000 Opportunity

Posted in: Fuel and Trucking, Thought Leader, Biodiesel


/// Guest post by contributor Jon ScharingsonRenewable Energy Group

We’re putting the final touches on the PowerPoint for our workshop at the NATSO Show and I couldn’t help but offer a sneak peek of the “Making Biodiesel Profitable At Your Travel Center/Truck Stop” educational session next month in Savannah.

On Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 at 2:45, our team will show you step-by-step how to calculate the value of biodiesel in your operation. All you need to bring is a calculator and your monthly diesel volume number and you’ll walk away with a monthly profit margin opportunity.

Brian Wierson’s presentation includes an economic example of a truck stop moving 500,000 gallons of diesel each month. By blending B20 in a state without a biodiesel incentive, a travel center could net $45,000 each month. What could your operation do with another half-million dollars per year?

But like anything else in this world, money doesn’t grow on trees and biodiesel is a complex space. Brian will explain the macroeconomics of the industry and talk about biodiesel landscape today. The $1/gallon blenders tax credit was reinstated with the “fiscal cliff” package and the nation’s Renewable Fuel Standard calls for 1.28 billion gallons of biodiesel for blending in 2013.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a relatively new program and biodiesel credits can be worth $.25-$.30/gallon. Iowa, Illinois and Texas are among the states with biodiesel blending tax credits and we have our eye on a couple more that might be making a move into required biodiesel blending.

Since biodiesel is a drop-in fuel, Brian won’t be reviewing new equipment requirements or installation investments because there aren’t any with biodiesel integration. 

If for some reason you can’t make it to room 204/205 on Monday at 2:45 at NATSO U, then stop by Booth #751 to introduce yourself and we’ll do the calculation for biodiesel blending economics at your locations on the spot.  As Chairman’s Circle members, we’ll be at many functions in Savannah and we can’t wait to sit and talk about the biodiesel opportunities for YOUR business.  See you at the show! 

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{Guest Post} Guest post provided by NATSO Chairman's Circle member Jon Scharingson, Renewable Energy Group. Renewable Energy Group® is a leading North American biodiesel producer with a nationwide distribution and logistics system. With more than 210 million gallons of owned/operated annual production capacity at biorefineries across the country, REG is a proven biodiesel partner in the distillate marketplace. Learn more about Renewable Energy Group.

The opinions and advice given by guest post contributors are not necessarily those of NATSO Inc. The posts should not be considered legal advice. Qualified professionals should be sought regarding advice and questions specific to your circumstances.

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