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In June on NATSO's Blog

Posted in: Industry Trends & News

Last month, we had some fantastic content on NATSO's blog...


In June, Darren Schulte shared two posts in his blog series, Darren’s Great Ideas! for Independent Operators! The biweekly column provides digestible retail tips by Darren, NATSO’s vice president of membership. Darren discussed:

  1. Maximize Inventory to Increase Profitability: "When operators find ways to maximize their inventory, they increase sales while also boosting profitability." Read the blog post to learn three ways to cut inventory carrying costs while also meeting your customers’ needs.
  2. Six Simple Tips for Truckstop Retail Displays: "We are in the middle of your summer sales drive. Summertime offers a great opportunity to wow new customers with your customer service and product offerings." Read the blog post to learn six simple guidelines to follow to build visually pleasing and dynamic displays.


Darren also blogs regularly on timely subjects. Last month, he blogged on:

  1. The New Rules of Reinvention: "During my Profitable Retail Program visits, I am always asked about SKU rationalization and questions about why "less is more." Recently, Chain Store Weekly published an article that should hit home for many of our industry's members. As I thought it was a perfect article to pass on, an excerpt of the article is below." Read the full post here.
  2. Good People EQUAL Good Retail: "I am so pleased when I see operators in our industry reinventing themselves to take advantage of changes in demographics, shopping habits, product trends, etc. I often am dismayed, however, when their approach to improving their store staff is not part of the reinvention. This is especially disinheartening in locations with staffing and managerial problems." Read the full post here.


NATSO members throughout the country are uniquely situated to take advantage of seasonal retail opportunities. Last month, Darren helped NATSO members prepare for two holidays:

  1. Smart Truckstop Retailing for Father's Day: "Did you know that "Mother's Day gift spending rose from an average of $140.73 per person last year to $152.52 this year, according to the National Retail Federation"? Additionally, "Total spending was expected to come in at $18.6 billion, with 13% of shoppers saying they plan to purchase a digital camera, tablet or some other CE (Consumer Electronic) device for their mothers."' Read the full post here.
  2. Truckstop Preparation for the Fourth of July: "We just finished Father's Day and we are onto our next holiday. Are you prepared? Did you know that Independence Day is big business according to the National Retail Federation?" Read the full post here.


Tiffany Wlazlowski, NATSO's senior director, public affairs, added her voice to NATSO's blog as well with:

  1. Ohio Residents and Business Owners Say Commercial Rest Areas a Bad Idea: "The people of Ohio have spoken and they don’t want commercial rest areas. ODOT should listen to what its voting constituents have to say and act accordingly." Read the post here.
  2. Tolls Bad for Business:  "Virginia lawmakers should take note that tolling interstates makes it less attractive for highway users to exit the interstate and patronize the businesses that create a local tax base for communities and employ Virginia residents." Read the post here.

Tiffany also shared with us the best stories of NATSO News Weekly, NATSO's weekly e-newsletter.


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