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Human Library Spotlight: Capturing the Hot-Beverage Market At Your Truckstop

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail

At The NATSO Show, NATSO has tapped into leading industry experts for an interactive, one-on-one learning Human Library full of industry experts with decades of experience.

The experts are on loan to conference attendees for customized learning experiences operators can tailor to their own objectives.

Today we meet John Morris of S&D Coffee & Tea. 

// Update, can meet all of the Human Library experts at the links below:

Human Library Spotlight: Capturing the Hot-Beverage Market At Your Truckstop

An attractive and well-stocked hot beverage program is a key offering for many truckstop and travel plaza customers. To capture sales, operators need to stay current on customer and design trends. During the Human Library at The NATSO Show, John Morris of S&D Coffee & Tea will meet with operators to discuss layout tips as well as what can maximize sales and cultivate loyalty. NATSO sat down with Morris to gain some insight into his expertise.

Q. Can you tell us more about some of the trends you’re seeing?
A. We are seeing growth in flavors of coffee, health and snacking, technology and sustainability.

Q. Can you share some advice with operators?
A. Use higher pack weights per brew of coffee to achieve a full-body cup of coffee.

Q. What are some of the frequently asked questions you get from truckstop and travel plaza operators?
A. I receive a lot of questions on specialty coffees, which need to be a portion of the coffees offered to the customers.

Q. Is there a shift in beverage preferences among the different age groups?
A. S&D Coffee released a white paper detailing our research on coffee usage and attitudes of Millennial Americans. It found that Young Millennials favor sweeter, specialty coffee drinks early on, but eventually graduate to traditional hot brewed coffee over time. The survey also reveals that Young and Older Millennials’ tastes mature at differing rates relative to when they first start drinking coffee.

// During the Human Library, operators can sit down with Morris to discuss the latest hot coffee and tea offerings that will drive customers from the pumps to the coffee program inside. To reserve a time to meet with him in the Human Library, travel plaza operators should contact Kimberly Roberts at or (703) 739-8573.

To make the most out of their meeting, operators should bring a photo of their hot beverage station. 

The NATSO Show 2015 Human Library is sponsored by: 

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