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Great Ideas from Chris Sanders, London Auto Truck Center

Posted in: Great Ideas, Truckstop Business

Editor’s Note: Every year at The NATSO Show, attendees gather at the Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop to connect with their peers to share their best ideas. Attendees bring their next great idea to fruition and help others do the same.

This idea sharing shouldn’t happen just once a year. To help extend the idea sharing year-round, we'll be periodically sharing great ideas directly from NATSO members here on the blog. Today NATSO member Chris Sanders of London Auto Truck Center is offering his great ideas. If you'd like to be a great idea contributor, please contact me, Amy Toner, at - AT

Great Ideas from Chris Sanders, London Auto Truck Center
By guest post contributor Chris SandersLondon Auto Truck Center

1)    Knowing what your customer’s needs is what creates frequent customers.

2)    Avoid all out of stocks.

3)    Create large eye-catching displays.

4)    Make sure the displays are organized with proper point-of-sale.

5)    Be attentive to pricing and signage.

6)    Make sure your store’s layout is friendly and inviting.

7)    Do not be afraid to try new things. In with the new, out with the old.

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