Amy Toner

Amy Toner

Toner markets NATSO products, services and meetings. She is the content editor of NATSO's core websites, Stop Watch magazine and Highway Business Matters biweekly articles. In addition, she provides creative services across all departments. Toner joined NATSO in 2006. Prior to joining the association, she served as director of membership services at an association for ambulatory surgery centers. Toner lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and son.

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Busy Bee is On-Point with Apparel

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail

Apparel can be a lucrative profit center for NATSO members that invest in the category. Elizabeth Waring, president of Johnson & Johnson Inc., which operates Busy Bee locations, sat down with NATSO to share her thoughts on how she is making the most of apparel and the value it brings to her customers.

Finding and Fostering Great Ideas with NATSO

Posted in: Great Ideas, Truckstop Business

Technology is changing, the retail experience is changing and customers needs are changing. That means NATSO members must observe the trends and innovate to remain relevant.

Finding and applying great ideas has become so important.

The good news is NATSO provides many ways to gather ideas.

Let NATSO Connect Keynote Speakers Know What You Want to Learn

Posted in: The NATSO Show

The goal of NATSO Connect is to bring truckstop and travel plaza operators in direct contact with the thought leaders that can help them thrive in the future, and this year’s keynotes at have been re-engineered with a focus on truckstop input.

Take a Deep Dive into Five Disruptive Trends During NATSO Connect

Posted in: Truckstop Business

The pace of change within the truckstop and travel plaza industry is increasing exponentially. E-commerce, the future of autonomous trucks, major changes in technology and consumer demand are shaking up the retail and trucking industries.

To help operators better understand how these changes will affect them and identify strategies to tackle the future, NATSO Connect, scheduled to be held Feb. 10-13, will present five keynote addresses that focus on key trends disrupting the industry.

Four Tips to Cut Food Costs from NATSO's Conference

During The NATSO Show 2017, Michael Ouimet, president of Oiumet Resources, which operates travel center restaurants in 11 states and provides consulting work, led a session on food costs for operators. “It has become really, really important in our restaurants to get the food cost right,” Ouimet said.

Ouimet will be back again to present on food service best practices during the Good to Great Workshop during NATSO Connect 2018, which will be held February 10 - 13, 2018.

During the session in 2017, Ouimet shared his insights to help operators cut costs and improve operations, and urged operators to find ways to save 2 percent or more in food costs and other restaurant-related expenses.