Data Security

Recent data breaches have brought the issue of data security to the top of many merchants’ radar screens. Retailers spend billions of dollars every year protecting themselves against payment card fraud. As data breaches become more sophisticated, so too do the necessary policy solutions that must be implemented to protect retailers and their consumers from data thieves.

NATSO works with a variety of groups representing the retail community to advocate for policy solutions to this increasingly important problem. These solutions include: requiring the use of PIN numbers for all payment transactions (whether they be magnetic strip cards, chip cards, or mobile payment devices); use of smart card or chip card technology; and end-to-end encryption so that banks and payment card networks are held to the same standard as retailers and do not continue to leave valuable data vulnerable to theft.

NATSO has prepared a member-only tookit -- Upcoming “EMV Shift” – What Truckstop & Travel Plaza Operators Should Know -- to answer to some of the key questions regarding this important topic.

NATSO and First Data have partnered on a cost effective and competitive solution for payment processing that is fast, convenient and secure. Learn more here.

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