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As we move midway through 2012, (a.k.a. “election year”), look around you at all the political ads. You do not have to look very far to find an election sign, billboard, commercial, mailer, or even a 1979 Dodge Dart with a partly faded “Vote for Me” bumper sticker from the ‘80s. Ads and campaign slogans are everywhere — signs, billboards, flyers, they’re all out there.

“Vote for me!” says one billboard. “Don’t vote for him,” says another. It can be very confusing and overwhelming. Whom do I vote for?

Whether the person is running for a local or county position or the next U.S. President, he or she wants your vote. One of our rights as Americans is our freedom to vote. Before you go and cast your ballot, do your homework and vote for representatives who will represent you and your business.

Remember, it’s your business, it’s your truckstop, and it’s something you love. Vote for someone who has your best interest, not the state, county or city’s, in mind.

I urge you to find out how the candidates vote, especially on issues that affect you and your truckstop. Many issues do and will have an impact on your business, such as rest area commercialization. Many states are trying to raise revenue by lifting the ban on states selling merchandise in the interstate right-of-way rest areas. By lifting this ban, the state will indeed compete against you, but they will have the advantage due to the rest area right-of-way.

The states claim this is a job creator and a means to raise revenue, but in fact it is a job killer and potentially a business destroyer. Don’t let the states take your business! Vote for someone who has you in mind. Protect your truckstop. Protect your business. Vote for representatives who truly “represent” you.

If you do not know where your candidate stands on certain issues, find out. Ask NATSO or ask the candidate directly. Your vote in 2012 does count. As you go through this summer bombarded by all the ads, campaign slogans, mailers and meetings, find out who really represents your best interest.


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Darrin Flitton

Darrin Flitton is the Fleet and Truckstop Manager for the Sinclair Gold Truckstop Network. He has spent 23 years in business related positions. Prior to working for Sinclair Gold Truckstops, he served in several positions at Flying J, Inc. including Corporate Buyer and Category Manager, District Merchandise Manager and Travel Plaza Manager. He has also been employed at Barjan, LLC as an account representative. Flitton has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Utah State University. He is currently serving on the Buying Committee for AMBEST. He also served on the Board for Granger Crossing District, a volunteer position within a non-profit organization to improve the business district of an inner city suburb of Salt Lake City.More
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