What magazines, blogs or websites do you read?

“The first thing I read every month is the Stop Watch magazine for the interesting articles and information it provides. Second, I read Movin’ Out, which is distributed free of charge to all truckstops for truck drivers to read. I try to get on Facebook every day and see if anything new and exciting is being posted and would like for all to post on the NATSN page as we are new to this arena."
—Marsha Bird, NATSN

“I read the Wall Street Journal, Modern Tire Dealer, Convenience Store News and Modern Bulk Transporter when time permits. These give me a diverse pulse on what is impacting the financial and operational aspects of our truckstop. I visit NATSO and the Missouri Petroleum Marketers websites for news pertaining to national and state agendas. There are also items on these websites that give me ideas about what other operators are doing."
—Robert Wollenman, Deluxe Truck Stop

“Fortunately news finds me easily. My iPhone apps, Web searching and feeds are much more efficient and effective with keeping me up to date. I scan the local business journal that is mailed to me and I read industry specific articles in Stop Watch, Challenge Magazine, Transport Topics and Nation’s Restaurant News."
—Tristen Griffith, Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza


This article originally ran in Stop Watch magazineStop Watch provides in-depth content to assist NATSO members in improving their travel plaza business operations and provides context on trends and news affecting the industry.

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