Toll Operator Changes Policies Amid Media Investigation

The company that operates the 495 Express Lanes in Virginia changed its policies to cap the maximum that it can fine motorists for toll violations after a series of investigative articles found widespread tolling problems, including motorists facing thousands in fines for malfunctioning electronic transponders.

Transurban said Oct. 27 that it will cap lawsuits at $2,200 to prevent people from paying tens of thousands of dollars in fines for a few dollars in missed tolls, according to Fox 5.

Fox 5 Chief Investigative Reporter Emily Miller has been investigating Transurban’s tolling policies after a growing number of tolling horror stories began to surface.  Miller’s series began with a recent article about Joe Mischler who faced a whopping $17,000 fine for $36 in unpaid tolls, but has since uncovered countless similar stories from readers who say the fines are a “racket” and that they feel “bamboozled.”

Transurban has filed more than 20,000 lawsuits against Virginia drivers, Fox reports. With so many lawsuits filing in, every Tuesday and Thursday, a courtroom at Fairfax County Court exclusively handles Transurban's lawsuits against Express Lane users for unpaid tolls.


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