The NATSO Foundation Offers Insights for Truckstop and Travel Plaza Operators

Truckstop and travel plaza operators know the ins and outs of sales in their stores, but many are left wondering how they compare to others in the industry. To help operators better understand industry trends and benchmark themselves against their peers, McLane and The NATSO Foundation have joined together to produce the McLane – NATSO Foundation Index. This quarterly analysis gives operators the chance to compare their weekly convenience store wholesale purchases with travel plaza convenience stores served by McLane. The report, which was unveiled at The NATSO Show, provides detailed national and regional travel plaza c-store data. The added insight is designed to help operators maximize the value of this important business segment.

“With the ever increasing variety of products in all categories, both branded and private-label, the McLane –NATSO Foundation Index will be a valuable tool for members to make informed decisions on the best-selling items on a national and regional level,” said Steve Brady, vice president of sales for convenience and military for McLane.

“It is a good benchmark for them to use to see if they’re exceeding or behind what other like travel centers might sell,” said Jeff Bernard, head of the management consulting firm that analyzed the industry data. “By doing that they can make adjustments to their displays or their c-store offerings to improve their sales in categories where they’re not doing as well as other marketers. It also allows them to think about the different categories and look for resources on how they can improve.”

McLane sells convenience products to more than 900 travel plazas nationwide. The data delves into the average per week per store convenience products McLane sells to travel plaza convenience stores on a quarterly and year-to-date basis.

To access the full report, NATSO members can log in with their password here.


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