Six Trends in Leadership for Truckstop Operators to Watch


Staying ahead of leadership trends can help truckstop and travel plaza operators prepare for the future. Stop Watch has identified six leadership trends that could shape the year ahead. 

Trend No. 1: Increased Engagement With Direct Managers
An employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most critical factor in employee engagement. Effective managers who can coach employees and maintain day-to-day relationships will have a more productive workforce.
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Trend No. 2: Enhanced Focus On Collective Leadership Vs. Individual Leadership
In the past, leadership resided in a single person or role, but going forward, leadership is expected to be more of a collective process that is spread throughout networks of people, according to the Center for Creative Leadership. Businesses will begin asking what conditions they need for leadership to flourish rather than asking who the leaders are.
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Trend No. 3: More Management Of Generational Differences
The growing number of Millennials will change the business scene as they obtain more leadership positions with high-level responsibilities, according to a report by Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders. Businesses will need to learn how to maneuver the generational differences that will likely arise as Millennials take on leadership roles and executive positions and Baby Boomers delay retirement.
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Trend No. 4: Greater Emphasis On Succession Planning
While many Baby Boomers plan to work through retirement, there is going to be a major shift in the number of people retiring from the workforce. Companies will need to manage retirements to ensure they retain key leaders and/or transfer leadership skills. Darren Schulte, vice president of membership for NATSO, said companies that focus on leadership also do a good job of cultivating succession planning by preparing the next leader of the company.
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Trend No. 5: Increased Developmental Ownership To The Individual
While companies often provide training or learning opportunities for their employees, the Future Trends in Leadership Development report from the Center for Creative Leadership said people develop fastest when they feel responsible for their own progress. Going forward, employees are expected to take control of their own growth.
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Trend No. 6: Social Media Grows As A Tool To Attract And Retain Talent
As more and more leaders grow up on and/or embrace technology, the role of social media will increasingly affect those in leadership positions. According to a report from Forbes, companies will post more social media updates and blog posts in 2015, and to stand out as an employer, companies will need to start posting more company culture related posts and leverage their employees to share them.
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