Should I take the name truck out of my truckstop?

“I doubt today’s driver or traveler pays attention to truck versus travel. They want easy access, clean facilities, something to eat and competitive prices—not necessarily in that order. Regardless, we wouldn’t remove truck from our name whether or not it would make a difference—just too nostalgic, stubborn—or dumb."
—JimAnderson, Truck ‘N Travel

“We have taken the name truck out of our operations for the most part. Our official name is Broadway Flying J Travel Plazas. We made the switch about five years ago, but it is difficult to say if it brought in more passenger traffic because that happened at the same time that we shifted to branded gasoline and upgraded our pumps. We’re in a unique position where we can cater our stores to our clientele. We have a location that gets very little car traffic, so we put very little car traffic merchandise in there."
—Chet Reilly, Broadway Travel Plazas

"To compete in today’s market, you have to be a travel center if you’re on the Interstate, or the local watering hole for your community if you’re not on the Interstate. Instead of getting the J.B. Hunts and Swifts of the world, you need to get the local moms and pops."
—Fred Kirschner, Scranton Petro

“Deluxe Truck Stop LLC would be hard pressed to remove truck from our name. Our operation is committed to the trucking industry. We are focused to provide niche services that most truckstops choose to avoid. ‘Truck’ is synonymous with our mission."
—Robert Wollenman, Deluxe Truck Stop


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