RIN Management Challenges Reported Due to Government Shutdown

Along with many other frustrations stemming from the current government shutdown, some renewable fuel producers, marketers and blenders are experiencing interruptions in daily business operations within the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) moderated transaction system (EMTS). 

EMTS is a system designed to allow companies to report and track transactions for the EPA Fuel Program, which includes renewable identification numbers (RINs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).  RINs are the mechanism that allow for successful renewable fuel integration into the fuel market.   

EPA's EMTS staff are part of the long list of government agencies unable to provide full staffing support. This can cause potential unfortunate delays in daily business operations as well as requiring additional hours and actions from some EMTS users, which include renewable fuel producers, marketers and blenders. Without adequate support from EMTS, some EMTS users are reporting that they have been unable to access particular transaction reports required to complete normal business operations.

While some businesses may be in a holding pattern during the current shutdown, the Alternative Fuels Council (AFC) is relying upon its carefully designed RIN management application, which addresses the potential unavailability of EMTS.

Transactions still can be created and queued up during EMTS challenges while also maintaining a healthy database of historical information to ensure both past and present data integrity. The Alternative Fuels Council strives to provide solid, consistent service and support to the renewable fuel industry even under the current unstable atmosphere.

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