President Reiterates Infrastructure to Follow Tax Reform

President Donald Trump reiterated Nov. 20 that a massive infrastructure plan will be the Administration’s next priority once Congress finishes tax reform.

Speaking before a Cabinet meeting, President Trump said, "We'll be working on health care, infrastructure and welfare reform. We're looking very strongly at welfare reform, and that will all take place right after taxes — very soon, very shortly after taxes," Politico reported. "So we'll be submitting plans on health care, plans on infrastructure, and plans on welfare reform — which is desperately needed in our country — soon after taxes."

White House advisers have said that they plan to release an expanded document of principles for infrastructure to guide lawmakers when drafting infrastructure legislation.

NATSO continues to advocate for sustainable solutions to funding infrastructure investment such as increasing the motor fuels tax and urges lawmakers to oppose any efforts that would weaken the federal prohibitions on rest area commercialization or the tolling of existing interstates. 

The Trump Administration earlier this year released a 2018 budget proposal that included recommendations to change federal law in a manner harmful to the truckstop and travel plaza industry. Specifically, the budget proposal stated that the Trump Administration would like to "liberalize tolling policy and allow private investment in rest areas."

The President has since said that he is “less excited” about public private partnerships, and the President’s chief economic advisor on Oct. 25 raised the possibility of increasing the federal motor fuels tax next year to help pay for the Administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

Preserving the long-standing bans on tolling existing Interstates and commercializing Interstate rest areas are critical to the continued success of the travel plaza industry and any business located in close proximity to Interstate highways.


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