One Year Remains to Meet Final UST Regulation Deadline

Truckstops and travel plazas with underground storage tanks are reminded that they officially have just one year left — until Oct. 13, 2018 — to meet the final requirements established in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Final Rule revising underground storage tank regulations.

The EPA in June 2015 finalized a number of revisions to its underground storage tank regulations focused on spill prevention and proper operation and maintenance. The rule also imposed new requirements for secondary containment and operator training.

Requirements in the regulation went into effect in three stages. This final deadline applies to UST owners and operators in states, territories, the District of Columbia and Indian country without UST state program approval (SPA).

To view NATSO’s detailed summary of the updated regulations, read EPA's Final Rule Revising Underground Storage Tank Regulations. 

UST owners and operators in states with program approval must continue to follow their states’ requirements, which may be different from the 2015 federal UST requirements.

It’s important for NATSO members to be aware that as many as 30 states have been working with EPA to draft UST regulations. State UST program's can tell truckstop and travel plaza members if and when a state’s requirements and associated compliance deadlines may change. EPA’s state UST program web page provides state contact information.

States that already have program approval are required to reapply by Oct. 13, 2018, to retain program approval status, either by adopting and receiving approval of the updated regulatory requirements.

EPA’s website provides further information about SPA and the October 2018 deadline.

EPA also is updating its UST inspector training to incorporate the new 2015 requirements and is developing an operator exam. Both resources will be available via EPA’s website in January 2018.

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