NLRB Names McDonald’s as Joint Employer In 13 Complaints

The National Labor Relations Board on Dec. 19 issued 13 labor complaints naming McDonald’s Corp. as a joint employer of the workers at its franchisees’ locations.

The complaints, issued by the NLRB’s general counsel, involve 78 charges alleging that McDonald’s violated the rights of restaurant workers who were protesting wages and working conditions over the past two years.

Business groups, including the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW), of which NATSO is a member, immediately began criticizing the NLRB for agency over-reach and for trampling on businesses to help organized labor reclaim market share.

Instead of trying to protect workers or adjudicate legitimate labor disputes, this NLRB prefers to undermine decades of precedent regarding joint employers, and the net effect of an ill-advised, illegal decision will be fewer employers overall,” CDW said.

McDonald’s said it will contest the joint employer allegations as well as the unfair labor practice charges.

NLRB’s general counsel ruled July 29 that McDonald’s is the joint employer of its franchisees’ employees, making the company liable for labor and wage violations by its franchise operators and easing the way for unionizing nationwide.

NLRB’s decision threatens to disrupt decades of established law that has allowed franchises to flourish, created millions of jobs and allowed hundreds and thousands to achieve the American dream of owning their own small business.

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Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman

Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman develops and executes communications strategies to advance NATSO’s public relations and advocacy goals. Tiffany also develops and oversees partnerships related to the NATSO Foundation’s public outreach initiatives. Tiffany lives in the D.C. metro area with her husband and their two sons.More
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