NATSO Urges Congress to Mitigate Harmful Economic Effects of Ozone Rule

NATSO joined a coalition of nearly 60 businesses representing the transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors in urging Congress to take legislative steps to mitigate the harmful economic hardships that will result under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final ozone rule.

EPA in October issued a final rule establishing ground-level ozone standards under the Clean Air Act. EPA’s final rule lowered ground-level ozone standards to 70 parts per billion (ppb) from the current standard of 75 ppb.  

The business groups said the new ozone rule would negatively impact the economy and stifle growth across the United States by prompting states to implement enhanced ozone control measures.   

Some 217 counties do not attain the current 75 ppb standard. That number could swell to 958 counties under the revised standard, subjecting large parts of the country to costly non-attainment control requirements.

Implementing such non-attainment control requirements as reformulated gasoline (RFG) in what are now conventional gasolines areas and stricter Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) requirements require different types of products to be sold in different areas within a particular region and result in a more complex supply and logistical scenarios, ultimately increasing the price consumers pay for motor fuels.  

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Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman

Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman develops and executes communications strategies to advance NATSO’s public relations and advocacy goals. Tiffany also develops and oversees partnerships related to the NATSO Foundation’s public outreach initiatives. Tiffany lives in the D.C. metro area with her husband and their two sons.More

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