Legislation Introduced to Encourage Natural Gas In Trucking

U.S. Representatives Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and Lee Terry (R-Neb.) recently introduced three separate pieces of legislation aimed at boosting the use of natural gas by the trucking industry.
H.R. 3938 directs the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Energy to designate natural gas fueling corridors in the United States for long-haul truck traffic.  Throughout these corridors, natural gas fueling stations would be established up to a maximum of 200 miles apart, with a goal of serving the highest number of commercial trucks possible.    
H.R. 3937 would create a task force to explore the obstacles that prevent trucking fleets from converting to natural gas as well as the impact that a large-scale fuel switch would have on the Highway Trust Fund. The task force, comprised of the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Environmental Protection Agency, members of congress, state government representatives and representatives from the private sector, also would examine the environmental effects of using natural gas in commercial trucks and the expected price difference for equipment that operates on natural gas instead of diesel. The group would have 120 days to report its findings to Congress.
The third bill, H.R. 3940, would  give natural gas trucks a weight exemption to mitigate the weight of the natural gas tank.
The three bills have been referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.


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