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As truckstop and travel plaza operators, one of our biggest advantages is our ability to learn from each other and industry thought leaders as we prepare for the future.

The pace of change in our operating environment is increasing exponentially, and major changes in technology and consumer demand are shaking up the re­tail industry, but not necessarily in a good way. Even though the economy has recov­ered from the Great Recession, retailers are filing for bankruptcy at the same rate as they did in 2009, and a record number of stores are closing.

Just as NATSO members are adapting the way they do business, NATSO is rein­venting The NATSO Show to provide even more valuable knowledge and insight for today’s truckstop and travel plaza operators.

We are redesigning every element of our annual meeting, from the trade show to the keynotes to the name, with a single goal in mind: to create an event that will enable NATSO members to not just sur­vive but thrive amidst ongoing disruption.

Consider this:

  • In less than a decade, a new heavy-duty truck will consume 25 percent less diesel than today’s trucks due to federal requirements.
  • During the last recession, shippers in­creased the efficiency of a trucking con­tainer by reducing product packaging and employing better packing techniques.
  • Online sales growth means fewer long-haul truck deliveries to retail stores. These last-mile deliveries are handled in­stead by medium-sized trucks that deliv­er from warehouse directly to consumer.
  • Retail stores could see a shift in their primary purpose, serving as showrooms and place for consumers to pick up packages ordered online.

As operators, we need to understand how these changes will affect us. Attend­ees at the NATSO Connect will leave the event armed with a better understanding of the disruptions we are facing and armed with strategies for meeting these new chal­lenges. Visit for more infor­mation.

I hope to see you in Nashville Feb. 10–13! 

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Don Quinn

Don Quinn is president of Sapp. Bros. He gained his initial first-hand experience with the truckstop and travel plaza as a truck driver. From there, he started working for Sapp Bros. pumping fuel on the fuel islands. That was 30 years ago, and he has held almost every job within the industry throughout his decades of experience at Sapp Bros. When not working, Quinn is involved in his church, serving in different ministries and on the endowment board. He has served on the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries endowment board as well. Don has been married for nearly 37 years to his wife, Ava. He has two children—a son and a daughter—and two granddaughters.
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