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Hiring within any business can be a challenge. As Chairman, it is my pleasure to share a few things that are working well for us in hopes that it will help you in your efforts to recruit and retain top employees.

At Sapp Bros., we have decided to forego many of the traditional recruiting methods and have focused on finding the right employees through referrals. Today, nearly half of our new hires—43 percent—come from referrals.

I can say from experience that if you can create an incentive program for your employees to refer quality candidates, your life will be so much easier because all of a sudden you will find yourself with much better applicants. To encourage employees to refer applicants, we offer a fairly robust bonus and pay it pretty quickly, because we want them to receive the recognition and reward. We also post a flyer with all of the open job opportunities every two weeks so our employees know what positions we’re looking to fill.

We also...

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Don Quinn is president of Sapp. Bros. He gained his initial first-hand experience with the truckstop and travel plaza as a truck driver. From there, he started working for Sapp Bros. pumping fuel on the fuel islands. That was 30 years ago, and he has held almost every job within the industry throughout his decades of experience at Sapp Bros. When not working, Quinn is involved in his church, serving in different ministries and on the endowment board. He has served on the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries endowment board as well. Don has been married for nearly 37 years to his wife, Ava. He has two children—a son and a daughter—and two granddaughters.
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