Add Fidget Spinners to Your Truckstop


Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, and Cash Magic Truck Plaza and Casino, which operated 22 locations in Louisiana, is cashing in on the trend. The company originally put a box of 36 in each of its stores right on the checkout counter and sold out within a couple of days.

"Variety is the key," shared Herb Hargraves, director of fuel and retail operations for Cash Magic."

Cash Magic has had the greatest success by offering a wide variety of colors and designs. "The people that are purchasing them are trying to purchase as many different colors as possible," Hargraves said, adding that he's seen parents buying them for their kids and kids buying them for themselves. "The feedback I'm getting from the managers is very specific."

After hearing requests for glow-in-the-dark and emoji’s, locations added those. “The glow-in-the-dark ones sell well and the camouflage ones sell well here in Louisiana,” Hargraves said, adding that fun food designs are selling well as are aluminum alloy fidget spinners. 

Photo credit: Herb Hargraves

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