Fuel Tax Increase Paves a Better Road

NATSO urged lawmakers to increase the motor fuels tax when they debate a long-term highway bill next year in a recent editorial that appeared Aug. 19 in CSP.

In “Fuel Tax Increase Paves a Better Road,” NATSO said raising the motor fuels tax to boost Highway Trust Fund revenues represents the most efficient form of revenue collection and yields the highest percentage of income for road repair.

“When lawmakers tackle a long-term highway bill in 2015, they shouldn't shy away from voting for the viable funding solution that is already in play,” NATSO Senior Director of Public Affairs Tiffany Wlazlowski wrote. “Americans understand that better roads benefit everyone. More than half of Americans would be willing to pay more at the pump if a federal gas tax increase led to better roads.”

When Congress fails to act on long-term transportation financing, the pressure builds for states to adopt less-effective and less-economical revenue schemes, such as tolling, which represent a much bigger tax on businesses and motorists.

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