FHWA Kicks Off Truck Size and Weight Study with Public Listening Session

NATSO representatives attended the Federal Highway Administration's first public session of its truck size and weight study, ordered by Congress in the transportation reauthorization bill enacted last year.

The four-hour event had strong attendance from a variety of stakeholders in the truck size-and-weight reform debate. The purpose of the meeting was to collect public ideas and concerns about what should be in the study and how best to carry it out.

Ernie Brame with the Iowa 80 Group said during the session that the agency should consider possible pavement damage to truck parking lots. He also shared concern that a truck with a longer trailer could make its turning radius a problem.

FHWA said they will gather data on safety, the impact heavy trucks have on pavement and bridges, compliance, and the possible model shifts that could occur with freight. The study will look at up to six configurations of trucks, with the agency already identifying three configurations: a five-axle tractor 53-foot semitrailer at 80,000 pounds; a five-axle tractor 53-foot semitrailer at 88,000-pound; and a six-axle tractor 53-foot semitrailer at 97,000 pounds. FHWA is interested in public comment on identifying the three other configurations to study. Some other possibilities that were suggested include twin 33-foot trailers, Rocky Mountain doubles, turnpike doubles and triple trailers.

Concerns can be submitted to FHWA at CTSWStudy@dot.gov.



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