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Truckstop owners, operators and employees often find themselves in a position to help people with more than just their basic needs of food, fuel and rest. Most truckstop and travel plaza center operators and employees have at one time or another helped someone change a flat tire, jump-start a dead battery or provided directions to a lost family. 

In some instances, however, truckstops are called upon to help a customer in an emergency or potentially life-threatening situation.

In an effort to provide educational resources for America’s truckstop and travel plazas, the NATSO Foundation is building a series of online training courses centered on “How Truckstops Help People.

Designed to teach members of our industry how to respond to people who need assistance in various situations, the first two training modules in development focus on helping the homeless and how to help possible victims of human trafficking. Other modules planned focus on what to do for drivers who are suffering distress and how to respond to a natural disaster.

The courses will be available for any member of the truckstop industry for use in employee training, with the first course scheduled to launch in early 2016.

The NATSO Foundation needs your support to make these online training courses a reality.  

NATSO members are asked to consider a donation to the NATSO Foundation to help fund the “How Truckstops Help People” online training courses, which will make important educational materials available industrywide and help the entire truckstop and travel plaza industry expand its knowledge base.

The most important thing truckstops and travel plazas do each day is serve their customers. By supporting the “How Truckstops Help People” education course, truckstops can help the entire industry improve its commitment and service to customers and, ultimately, to thrive. 

To donate now to the “How Truckstops Help People” online training courses, click here.


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