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Industry suppliers with a bricks and mortar location can claim their listings on Google for free with just a few simple steps:

To begin, go to

1. To claim your business you will need a Google Account. Create or sign into the Google Account that you want to link to the listing. Select your account carefully because the listing is non-transferable. Also keep in mind that you might want to share access to the listing, which would include sharing the account password.

2. Google will prompt you to enter your main phone number to check if you already have a listing.

2.1. If you already have a listing - great news! But don’t turn off your computer; you’re not done just yet.

2.2. If you don’t have a listing - no worries! Click on “Add a new listing” and add your company's basic contact information. Now you’re caught up.

3. Here’s your chance to let everyone know what makes your company special. Remember that you will want to keep it brief. Add your hours, relevant categories, payment options, and even photos and videos.

4. After you’ve entered your information, to finish claiming your account you will need a verification code. Google provides two options to receive your verification code—phone or postcard.

4.1. Phone is the fastest and takes less than three minutes from start to finish.

4.2. The postcard will take 2-3 weeks, and is likely your only option if you’ve changed any of the contact information.

5. Once you receive the verification code and enter it, if it matches your listing will show up in less than 12 hours.

6. You’ll now be taken to your Google Places Dashboard Page providing you with the opportunity to change your information or post announcements and specials, in addition to accessing analytics to help you learn about your company’s digital presence.

Additional Information
We provided the quick and easy version, but your best friend in all of this is Google’s very detailed support available at

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