Bob and Nick Wollenman of Deluxe Truck Stop Present at Chamber of Commerce Event

Bob Wollenman, co-owner, and Nick Wollenman, assistant general manager, of Deluxe Truck Stop, St. Joseph, Mo., were presenters at the "Cup of Joe" St. Joseph, Mo. Chamber of Commerce event on May 27, 2015.  The weekly event offers local businesses an opportunity to share their experience with a diverse audience of mentors, advisors and fellow business owners.

The Wollenmans shared a brief history about their truckstop facility. 
"The attendees at "Cup of Joe" were curious about all the needs of the trucking industry. Many were surprised at the requirements that many members of the trucking industry are faced with. We shared that Deluxe communicates to our employee's that time is irreplaceable and that they must stay focused on the needs of the customer in a timely manner," said Bob Wollenman.
They also shared their business' focus on truck washing. While the truckstop originally specialized in exterior truck washing, they've expanded their business model to include interior truck washing to meet the needs of the growing the industrial area around their footprint. The truckstop now provides Kosher, food grade and inedible tank trailer washouts. Deluxe Truck Stop has also added additional facilities to wash out live stock trailers. "A 21,000 head a day pork processing plant provides a high volume of livestock trailer that need cleaning and disinfecting," said Bob Wollenman.
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