Disaster Relief Fund

The NATSO Foundation has launched a new fund designed to support people in need during an emergency—people within our very own travel plaza and truckstop community. Established by the NATSO Foundation Board of Directors, this fund will go directly to those victimized by disasters such as Superstorm Sandy.

Last year’s violent tornado season prompted us to think about how the foundation could help disaster victims. In particular, members of the NATSO Foundation Board of Directors were struck by stories of how people from our own industry needed help. Employees from a NATSO member in Joplin, Missouri, lost their homes in a catastrophic EF5 tornado. Another storm tore apart a NATSO member travel plaza in southwest Virginia, forcing the business to shut down for several weeks.

The NATSO Foundation Disaster Relief Fund will serve as a repository for financial resources that can be dispersed following a disaster. Charitable awards will be made by the Foundation Board of Directors based on an objective determination of need or distress to truckstop and travel plaza customers or employees, truck drivers and small motor carriers impacted by disasters.

Truckstop and travel plazas may submit project requests for consideration by the NATSO Foundation Board to the NATSO Foundation. Eligible projects must meet the following criteria:

a)         A state of emergency must have been declared by either the Federal Government or a State Governor for the county or state in which persons or projects would benefit from the financial resources of the NATSO Foundation Disaster Relief Fund;

b)        Persons receiving funds must be directly tied to the freight transportation industry (such as truck drivers, truckstops or travel plazas, owner operators, employees or motor carrier fleets).


Donate Funds
Donations to the fund can be made online to help support people from our own industry who are in urgent need following a disaster.  All donations we receive for this fund will go directly to the victims.